Cathedrals need friends. You may come to services at Worcester Cathedral frequently or just occasionally; you may come to events or bring visitors to look round the ancient and beautiful buildings; perhaps you want to support the Cathedral’s work and witness, or the tradition of choral singing which is very strong here in Worcester; maybe you understand how relentless is the need to maintain the buildings, or are interested in our priceless medieval library. Any of these is enough to make you already a friend of the Cathedral, and we’d like to welcome you into the Friends organisation.


Everyone is welcome: there are no qualifications of denomination, creed or faith. You don’t need to live in Worcester – or the Diocese: several of the Friends have just been visitors here, or have moved away and want to keep in touch.

Everyone is welcome because the Cathedral building is part of our English heritage and is there for everyone. But it is too a Christian building and community doing its work in a Christian tradition, a beacon of faith over thirteen centuries. So we hope that Christians of all denominations throughout the Diocese and beyond will think of joining us to preserve building, heritage and tradition for future generations.

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Find out what the Friends organisation is all about, from the ways we provide support to the cathedral, to social and community events.

About the Friends 

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All about membership, from the benefits you will receive if you join, and how you will be kept in touch with its life and work, music and maintenance.


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Find out how we help the cathedral, with information about grants provided to music, furnishings, heritage, education and much more.

How We Help

Want to support us?

Visit the membership page where you will be able to find out how to join the Friends organisation. You will also find out what benefits you will receive as a member.

How to Join


Programme of Events 2022

Please visit the Events page to see details of events planned from now until the end of the year.

The Summer Party on 25th June and Outing 2022 for members on 22nd September are now open for booking.