Over the past five years we have made grants to the Cathedral of nearly £200,000 and expect to give further sums before this financial year is out.

Each year we have given £15,000 to the Music Department and £2000 towards the administration for the use of the Friends Office.                                                                       Other amounts have included £55,000 towards the Interpretation Project; £5,683 for clergy copes; £1,579 for Vergers' gowns;  £10,000 in Concert Grants; £2,000 for the Chamber Choir; £8,500 for repairs to the Edgar Tower; £7,409 for lighting in the Library; £4,747 for Display Boards; £2,000 for Three Choirs Canticles; £393 for Vergers workware; £319 towards the publication 'Life after Tragedy; £250 for Bellringers polo shirts; £1398 for clergy stoles; £1,500 grant to the Bellringers; £1,000 grant to the Voluntary Choir; £875 grant to the Flower Guild; £152 for Library banners.

We have also raised £50,000 for the Christ in Majesty Project in College Hall, and have authorised a payment of £50,000 towards the current Cathedral Appeal. These last two amounts are in addition to the £200,000 already given.                                                                        

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Shield 2019 cover.jpgThe magazine of the Friends, The Shield, contains lots more information about the recent work of the Friends, as well as other information about the cathedral and what the Friends have been up to socially. You can download the latest copy here.